Rescue Company

Robinson Township VFC #1 (Station 244) is a certified rescue company from the State Fire Commissioner and the Bureau of Emergency Medical Services in the Volunteer Fire Rescue Service Recognition Program (VRSR).

The purpose of this program is to recognize those emergency services that can safely and efficiently perform rescue operations and that have met all the standards as established by the two agencies. At present, there are two disciplines offered through the program, Vehicle and Machinery and Swift water/Flood Management. Station 244 is certified in both disciplines.

Meeting these qualifications has 2 parts, trained and certified personnel and a list of required equipment. Personnel qualifications include Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT-B), Basic Vehicle Rescue Technician (BVR- PADOH), Water Rescue Technician (PA Fish and Boat), Driver /Operator, NIMS, and HAZMAT. Obtaining VRSR is a process of documentation and inspections.

VRSR Basic Vehicle/Machinery includes Vehicle Rescue, Hazardous Materials Operations, Rope Rescue, Water Rescue, and BLS. The primary apparatus for VRSR is 244 Rescue Engine.

Swift Water Rescue includes shore based rescue, rope rescue, boat operations, surface water rescue, ice rescue, and BLS. The primary apparatus for VRSR is 244 Special Service. Station 244 also has several boats and other watercraft.

Learn more about the Voluntary Rescue Service Recognition program by visiting the Office of the State Fire Commissioner website.