Swift Water Team



RT-SWRT has 22 Certified Swift Water Rescue Technicians from Groveton (244) and neighboring fire departments of Aleppo (101) , Neville Island (205), Ohio Township (220), and  Forest Grove (243) .  Of the 22, 6 are also certified EMT-B.   All 22 Rescue Technicians are trained in Emergency Boat Operations, Advance Line Systems, and Ice Rescue.

The RT-SWRT evolved from originally being Rivers Rescue.  Neville Island is on the Ohio River.  The back channel of the river is Robinson Township, adjacent to the river town of Coraopolis.  This allows to quick response to the rivers.   The stations also have quick access to interstate 79, PA Route 51, and PA Route 65. 

The primary cache of water rescue equipment is housed at Station 244 with supplemental at Neville Island’s fire station.  244 Special Service is outfitted with BLS supplies, boat in the bag with outboard jet, rope rescue, hazmat operations, rehab, decon, ice recue, and many other implements of swift water and river rescue operations.

244 and 205 Squads are equipped with basic boat packages.  Inflatable boats are trailer by these pick up trucks.

 SWRT Boats are trailered, bagged, or docked.   205 Boat 1 is a 24 foot pontoon and is docked on the Ohio River during the warm months.  244 Boat 1 is also considered a “riverboat”.    This boat has a 70Hp motor and is inflatable type. It is trailered and housed at station 244.  Several Zodiac 380 and 400 model(s) boats are also used by the team.    Each has 30 HP jet pump outboards.

The SWRT is often complimented by the ATV Search and Rescue Team.